Lab for Space Robotics

Tokyo Institute of Technology
School of Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Advanced space systems using robot technology

Exploring a new space system that combines robot technology and satellite technology

  • Astronaut support / alternative
  • Orbital service technology (Construction, repair, debris removal)
  • Demonstration of robot technology using small satellite
Research Theme Detail

Previous Research

Master Thesis

Year Name Theme
2020 Yuki Nakatsuka Dynamics of Morfable Beam for Space Robots
Teruaki Hayashi Adaptive Twining Mechanism Based on a Thigmotropism for Capturing Non-Cooperative Space Objects
2019 Yutaka Yamazaki Control Method of Contact Force for a Morphable Beam Robot Based on a Deep Learning
Youhei Iwasaki Control Method for Super Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Extendable Robot Arm with Deployment and Shaping Mechanisms on Both Ends
2018 Yuto Masuda Development and Analysis of Debris Capturing System Using Bi-stable Convex Spring
2017 Yusuke Ota Astronaut Support Robot with a Morphable-beam-based Extendable Robot Arm
Keisuke Taga Low Contact Force Gripper for Attaching a Deorbit Device to Space Debris

Bachelor Thesis

Year Name Theme
2020 Masahiro Kubota Estimation of Non-Cooperative Target Motion for Capturing Space Debris
Kenichiro Takahashi Membrane Assembly Type Device for Controlled Deorbit of Space Debris
Yuki Washi Motion Control Method for Space Debris Capture by Free Flying Robots
2019 Naoki Kawaguchi Dynamics Analysis and Design of Low Contact Force Gripper for Attaching Deorbit Device to Space Debris
Hiroyuki Kobayashi Membrane Assemble Space Robot based on a Fastener Mechanism
2018 Yuki Nakatsuka Spherical Helix Inflatable Mechanism for Space Debris Capture
Teruaki Hayashi Controlled Deorbit Method for Space Debris Using Balloon Device




  • Naoki Kawaguchi(M2)
  • Hiroyuki Kobayashi(M2)
  • Fumitaka Sagawa(M2)
  • Takuya Hashimoto(M2)
  • Nobutaka Fukushima(M2)
  • Misato Ishiwata(M1)
  • Masahiro Kubota(M1)
  • Kenichiro Takahashi(M1)
  • Yuki Washi(M1)


  • Akihiro Tokuyasu(B4)
  • Shogo Nomura(B4)